1962 Lotus Seven S2
A special and sporting example of an early Seven



Simplify, then add lightness. Colin Chapman’s maxim was popularly expressed in the Lotus Seven. This example was extensively rebuilt and uprated some years ago by model specialists Mick Beveridge and Henry Tombs and is now presented in something akin to a period club racing spec. It features a tuned 1500cc Ford pre-crossflow engine on twin Webers, double front wishbone and independent rear suspension, disc brakes all round, cycle wings and wobbly-web wheels. The celebrated 7/20 was an inspiration.

The car has done relatively little work since completion, but has been regularly and well maintained. After a light recommission and detail in our hands, it is ready for spirited blasts on the road and light competitive events such as sprints and hill-climbs. Naturally, it retains a correct identity and an appropriate Cheshunt chassis plate. A special and sporting example of an early Seven such as might have been seen at Goodwood and elsewhere in the early-1960s.