The first dozen or so RHD Porsche 911s
November 1st, 2020
The earliest RHD Porsche 911s are special cars. This is a list of the first dozen or so by chassis number. We believe it is the first time such a complete list has been published. It’s quite possible there are errors and omissions, though hopefully not many. Any information about the cars, and those that followed in the remainder of 1965 and into 1966, would also be gratefully received.
The earliest RHD cars were the consecutive chassis pair 300474 and 300475, built early in 1965 away from the general production line in a separate department at the factory and destined for the UK and Australia respectively. Despite their similar chassis numbers, the cars were completed at somewhat different times. The UK car, in Bali blue with black, is recorded as having been completed at the end of January. It arrived at AFN in April, having been driven from the factory on German export plates and was soon registered MMU 911C. The Australian car, in slate grey with an unusual tan and pepita interior, was further delayed until May. It was collected from the factory and remained in Europe for a few months before reaching Australia at the end of the year. Both cars still exist, with 300475 having been repainted silver at some point.

MMU 911C and FUW 2C at Brands Hatch in the late-1980s
Next was a short run of three cars for Australia, meaning that four of the first five examples went to that market. This group arrived in August and September and contained some distinctive colour and trim options. Chassis 301501 was in special order silver with red, 301503 featured the apparently unique combination of stone grey – a colour from 1957 – with green, while 301504 was ordered by Governor-General Casey in the following model year’s sand beige with black. The first and third members of the group no longer exist, sadly, but the second – which claims to be the first retail customer-delivered RHD car to any market – is alive and well and has been in the same enthusiast’s hands for a number of years.

The ex-Governor-General Casey car chassis 301504
The next half a dozen or more cars came to the UK. They appear to have been completed immediately before the factory’s traditional two-week summer break at the end of July and were delivered to AFN in August. First was a single-colour consecutive chassis pair. Chassis 301929 – the first retail customer-delivered RHD car in the UK – and 301930 were both light ivory with black. The first was initially registered HW 4, but became ANW 104C when traded back to AFN after a year or so. The car then acted as a demonstrator and general run-around. It has more recently been campaigned in historic rallies. The second was, and still is, registered FUW 2C. Next was another single-colour consecutive chassis pair.  Chassis 301939 and 301940 were both slate grey. The interiors were black and pepita and tan repsectively. Chassis 301940 appears to have been a cancelled order and remained unsold until the following year. It was, and still is, registered LGK 6D.
Next, and the tenth RHD car, was an Irish green car. Chassis 301956 was registered FUW 4C. Lastly, rounding out this group of early UK deliveries, all of which could - and we believe should - be seen as 1965 model year cars, was a single-colour consecutive chassis threesome. Chassis 302028, 302029 and 302030 were all polo red with black. The last of those, chassis 302030, first registered ECL 44C, later found its way to Australia via New Zealand. It's possible there are one or two other 1965 model year cars to be found and our research continues.

Robert Barrie E&OE