Lotus Elan S1 rear light details
August 6th, 2020
We needed a set of base gaskets to go between rear light units and the bodywork on a Lotus Elan S1. Not difficult you might think. But not completely straightforward either, as it turns out.

The rear indicator lights on the car are Lucas L539 and the tail/stop lights are Lucas L551. Holden stocks L539 base gaskets so we ordered a set. It doesn't stock L551 base gaskets, but advised they were the same diameter as those in its L632 gasket set so we ordered a set of those too. All good.

However, when the parts arrived, the L539 gaskets were clearly smaller than the corresponding light units. Apparently, following the original pattern, they fit in a recess on the back of the units. That meant they did not match the appearance of the L632 gaskets, which were the same diameter as the L551 light units.

Back on to the ever-helpful Simon at Holden who advised that L691 base gaskets were the same diameter as the L539 light units so we ordered a set. That turned out to be the right answer. Almost. The L691 gaskets are not as thick as the L632 gaskets so you might want to fit a pair on each side to even things up. On to the next job!