For the competition driver
May 5th, 2020
If you wanted your 1967 911S supplied in competition spec you specified it with a rally kit and a sport kit, among other things.
But what exactly was in the kits? According to the factory’s Competition Driver publication – the prototype of its much longer and more detailed Sports Purposes manual – the rally kit for the 911S consisted of a pair of bucket seats, with sports seats a no-cost alternative, rubber floor mats and a driver’s foot rest, deletion of the bumper weights and the petrol heater, a competition clutch and flywheel, an upgraded alternator and some engine tuning. The sport kits were aimed at cars already fitted with a rally kit and gave a bit more power. Sport kit 1 consisted of rain hats to replace the air filter and housing, plus new chokes, jets and plugs for an extra 10bhp. Sport kit 2 included a non-road legal open exhaust for a further 5bhp.

A more detailed factory bulletin - F 4/67 - on the same subject listed some of the relevant parts and part numbers - larger versons of the tables below available on request